Explore the Circular Economy

On the table: the ingredients for a healthy and resilient food system

Episode Summary

In episode 2 of our Weekly Show, our hosts, Seb Egerton-Read and Laura Franco Henao, are diving into the circular economy in action discussing examples that are transforming our food system with Emma Chow and Nick Jeffries, both members of the Food Initiative team at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

Episode Notes

In this episode of our Explore The Circular Economy Weekly Show, Seb Egerton-Read and Laura Franco Henao, are asking the question: Can we build a better food system? To Emma Chow and Nick Jeffries, both members of the Food Initiative team at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. 

Listen to this episode to hear about intriguing examples of circular economy in our natural systems. We will be exploring how to create a resilient, healthy and regenerative food system, with attention drawn to cities in facilitating this shift.

This show was recorded and streamed live on our YouTube channel and social networks on the 26th of May 2020. We are pleased to offer the episode repackaged as a podcast for you to enjoy. 

You can find all the case-studies mentioned on this show on the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's case-study library:https://www.ellenmacarthurfoundation.org/case-studies

Thank you for listening to this podcast. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation is a UK charity working on business, learning, insights & analysis, and communications to accelerate the transition towards the circular economy. Find out more about our work here:www.ellenmacarthurfoundation.org


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